Javascript & jQuery Training

Learn the most powerful JavaScript library to manipulate DOM and developing professional dynamic websites


jQuery is the most popular small, fast, and powerful JavaScript library. Jquery has a ton of useful plugin like slider, form validation, lightbox, etc. So by using jQuery you can easily give your website sophisticated design with minimum work. In this course, we are going to teach you everything about how to use jQuery and JavaScript to build a website with hands-on experience as fast as possible. We will cover some of the most important features of jQuery like DOM(Document Object Model) manipulation, event handling, animation, and AJAX with some real-life practical examples. If you are new in the web development industry then you must learn jQuery. But before going deep into this course, we will give you some basic understandings of HTML and CSS as these are the most important parts of building a website.

So if you want to learn web designing and web development and want to create an awesome website in less time then don't wait, just enroll yourself in our javascript and jquery training course.

Things to know:

The prime focus of Edukolkata is to provide you an industry-level IT training and that's why our whole training process is based on simultaneous theory and practice classes. Here are a few things you should know before the course begins:

  • Training Mode: Online and Live
  • Practical session on each topic
  • Personal URL for Virtual CV
  • Weekend class available
  • Free three hours demo class
  • Live Project URL

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Duration 50 Hours
Minimum Eligibility: Any
Course Fee: 1200
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Sprint 1 Sprint 2
Lecture 1.1 Preview ( 3 )
Getting Started
Lecture 2.1 Preview ( 4 )
Changing Element Data and CSS
Lecture 1.2 Preview ( 8 )
Effects and Animations
Lecture 2.2 Preview ( 8 )
Handling Events
Lecture 1.3 Preview ( 3 )
Using Element Selectors
Lecture 2.3 Preview ( 5 )
Lecture 1.4 Preview ( 5 )
Inserting, Replacing and Removing Elements
Lecture 2.4 Preview ( 4 )
Ajax with jQuery
Course Fees
One Time Payment for single admission:
3000 60% Off 1200/-
You can also join with us a group of 2 students and get additional discounts on the total course fee:
₹1200 x 2 =  2400 Extra 17% Off 2000/-
  • Each student in same group will get extra ₹200 /- discount
  • Getting Started

    • Overview of JavaScript and jQuery
    • Overview of JavaScript Frameworks
    • Editor Setup
  • Effects and Animations

    • Start with writing some jQuery Project
    • Fading In and out Elements
    • Showing And Hiding HTML Elements
    • Sliding Up And Down of HTML Elements
    • Move Elements
    • Custom Animation
    • Delaying and Chaining Animations
    • Timing Animations Using Callback Functions
  • Using Element Selectors

    • Using CSS Selectors in jQuery
    • jQuery Methods for Traversal
    • jQuery Methods for Filtering
  • Inserting, Replacing and Removing Elements

    • What is the DOM?
    • Adding New Elements to the DOM
    • Replacing Elements and Content
    • Removing Elements and Content
    • Manipulating Attributes and Properties
  • Changing Element Data and CSS

    • Changing the CSS Properties of Elements
    • Adding or Removing CSS Classes
    • Changing the Data of an Element
    • Retrieving and Changing the Content of an Element
  • Handling Events

    • What are Events and Event Handlers?
    • Click Handlers
    • Hover Handlers
    • MouseEnter & MouseLeave Handlers
    • Delegated Events
    • Passing Additional Data to Events
    • Creating an Image Gallery with Lightbox Preview
    • Handling KeyDown & KeyUp Events
  • Forms

    • UsingThe Focus & Blur Events
    • Using the Change Event
    • Submit Event
    • Complete Form Validation on Submit
    • Fast Feedback Form
  • Ajax with jQuery

    • What is Ajax?
    • Fetching a Server File with jQuery
    • Submit data from server using AJAX
    • Retrieve data from server using AJAX
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