• Top 10 Things you should do after graduation or higher secondary

    Top 10 Things you should do after graduation or higher secondary

    • 10 Oct 2020
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    If you have very recently completed your higher secondary or graduation, you might be thinking about what to do next. You must have seen many seniors jumping into jobs right after completing their graduation, it is surely one of the options but not the only option available. Going for a job, higher studies, or starting your own business, there are some other options that you can definitely choose. In this article, we are discussing some of the best non-traditional options that you can choose from after completing your graduations or higher secondary.

    Start with your dream project

    While you are in your college or school, you get very limited time to focus on your passion. Now that you are done with your studies, you can finally concentrate on your passion. Learn the language or the instrument that you always wanted to learn or follow any other passion that you might have.


    If you have just completed your graduation and are not willing to jump into conventional 9 to 5 jobs, you can always start with Freelancing. Freelancing is a great option to start with your career and you will surely be able to earn some amount of money. Edukolkata will provide all the required support to make you best freelancer.

    Fellowship programs

    By joining a fellowship group, you will be able to gain financial growth as well as social recognition. Fellowship programs offer great learning opportunities. You can learn as well as earn a certain amount of money every month. If you have a serious interest in learning about a particular subject in detail, fellowship programs are the best option for you.

    Online Entrepreneurship

    E-commerce is much bigger and more and more people are now purchasing items online compared to actual physical shops. It is the result of increasing usage of the internet. Since the number of online shoppers is increasing every second, it is always a great idea to start your online business.

    Pursue your hobbies

    Now that you are done with your studies, you have plenty of time to invest your time in pursuing your hobby. You can learn dancing, singing, painting or any other activity that you are interested in.


    If you are not willing to join a permanent job after college, you can always opt for internships. Internships will give you exposure to the industry and you will also get working experience.

    Join a course

    Opting for a short term course is helpful for both college graduates and higher secondary students. You can opt for courses like Web Design course, PHP training course or any other programming course. If you live in or around Kolkata, you can search for the best PHP and MySQL training or web design courses Kolkata.

    Try out sports

    If you are interested in sports, you can try out different physical activities after college. If you think sports is your thing, you can also offer training to others.

    Start your website

    You can start your own website or blog but before that are required to be a full stack developer so that you will be able to build your website from scratch perfectly. To be a reputed full stack developer you can connect with us, Our faculty members have been working in this industry for a really long time and hence are experts in their respective fields. 

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